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At BCL Business Services, Inc. in Milford, PA, our goal is to build trusted personal relationships that are meant to last. Work with us today and gain access that can help your business grow and thrive.

Consulting Services

BCL Direct Engagement

CRM, contact center, enterprise, self-service, multimedia applications (quote)

BCL Indirect

Via channel, pricing is per channel's business rules


Core Capabilities

Our services provide value through smarter solutions and convenient delivery mechanisms. We strive to do an increasingly better job in customer relationship management (CRM), for your enterprise.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind when you choose us because we have developed solutions for hundreds of complex business problems, creating thousands of business documents for those solutions. We also apply a broad array of technical and soft skills to be efficient in delivering the results you require from any consultative assignment. 

We take pride in being a highly ethical company that adheres to our client’s code of conduct and business policies. Furthermore, our consultants and project management specialists are all Senior Degreed Employees. We manage client risk and proactively resolve issues through weekly senior management oversight meetings about solutions, technologies, and projects.

Additionally, we work towards your success with a 10-point service objective framework, which includes strategic visioning, solution discovery, justification and design, implementation planning, resourcing, facilitation and deployment, deployment assistance and lifecycle support and improvement.

Aside from our extensive experience, what gives us an edge over our competitors is our proactive approach. We recognize that the need for automated/assisted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services is mandated by the following factors:

  • Global population growth
  • Simultaneous aging of the majority of the world’s population
  • Skyrocketing demand/costs for service delivery
  • Rapidly increasing scarcity of all resources
  • Heightened competition of globalization,
  • Exploding efficiencies and requirements to reduce costs (do more with less)

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