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Customer Relationships = Customer Experiences

Customer Experience

Customer Contact

Enterprise Integration

Less Costly

Improved Outcomes

Enterprise View

Wallet Share

Caller Satisfaction

No Smokestacks

Lifetime Revenue

Agent Productivity

Common Data Sources

Brand Value

Contact Containment

Event-Driven Processes

Multi-Generational Value

Smarter Automation

Personalized Products



Supply Chain Integration

Stickiness Loyalty

Least Cost

Resource Optimization

Referral Advocacy

Revenue Production

Consistent Quality

Business Stability



Innovation Pipeline

Multilingual Multichannel

Competitive Edge

Achievements and Credentials (of the Principal):

Purdue University BSEE and Rutgers MBA Achieved (With Multiple Scholarships)
Commissioned Officer via the Naval Enlisted Scientific Educational Program (NESEP)
More Than 2 Decades of IT Software Development and Management
More Than 2 Decades of Business Services to Fortune 100
More Than a Decade of Senior Management Experience Providing CRM Solutions to Enterprises

Clients (Including Former Employers):

USN, Bell Labs, AT&T, Avaya, Lucent, Accuvoice (Including End-User Customers)
Several Large Cities
11 State Governments
10 BCBS Companies
Various Hospitals and Clinics
Multiple Retailers, Manufacturers, and Financial and Insurance Companies

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